me's been nearly 4 years

I've noticed several LJ accounts that actually seem to be echoes of the person's other, non-LJ blog. I'd like to do that here, so I can echo my other blog without having to do a lot of maintenance here.

How do I do that? Any help from anybody who reads this would be deeply appreciated.


My actual blog

I mostly got this LJ account so that I could comment on people's LiveJournals without being listed as "Anonymous." That kind of irritated me, so I did something about it. And here we are.

My actual blog, sadly, is not this one. I had an account on Blogger long before I heard of LJ, and I'm using it as my default. That's where most people know me to be. So, if you're hitting this from someone's flist, this is about all you're likely to find, I'm afraid. You can get to my live blog, just follow the link below.

Patrick's Personal Ramblings